There can be no change without movement: movement of breath, movement of body, movement of thought. Yogi Bhajan

When we think of movement, the image that is conjured up in our mind is, generally, the movement of the physical body. But as you will experience, Breathwalk is so much more than a physical aerobic exercise. Through the breath, your steps, the fingers and sacred primal sounds, Breathwalk becomes your guiding light as you deepen your personal experience and begin to notice small subtle swifts within you. Perhaps these shifts will be so subtle that they will not be in your conscious awareness and so you may doubt the benefits of Breathwalk.

As you become increasingly aware of the rhythm and the qualities of your breath, as you synchronize it with your steps, you are alert to those subtle energies within you and outside of you. Wilhelm Reich, a former student of Freud, explored how the energies of the body affect the mind’s health. He believed that truth could be known only through re-establishing our intimate connection to the energies within ourselves, in nature and all around us.

Breathwalk gives us the power and the vitality to re-establish our body’s, our mind’s, our whole being’s rhythms, so that we can continue to evolve to our full potential as true Aquarian Age human beings.

This 30-hour training will give you all the tools, the science and the experience behind the treasures that hold Breathwalk.

Come and take a step your YOU!