Yoga Classes with Meherbani Kaur

Man jeetai jag jeet By conquering your mind, you can conquer the world ~ GuruNanak ji



TUESDAYS  11am – noon   $128
BEFRIEND YOUR MIND:This session is about getting a deeper understanding of our mind for it to becomes your ally and not your master.

The meditations that we will practice, after some warm ups, will provide us with a new awareness of our mind’s aspects and its 81 facets.  With this new level of experience of our mind, we can reach our most authentic self.

 TUESDAYS   7 – 8pm  $128

Shuniya is a point of stillness where our ego becomes zero, some would call it nothingness.  Our thoughts, our emotions, our circumstances take a back seat to sense space and total presence within you.

We become like a calm lake. It is a state where we do not propose or make conditions. Where there are no opinions nor judgments.

From this place of nothingness, we face Infinity and experience letting go of discomfort for ourselves.

Learn, experience and take yourself beyond the physical body into that space of unconditional love and healing.

After some warm ups, we will practice deep meditation to bring us to Shuniya.

Begin to understand the power of your prayers.

WEDNESDAYS  Noon-1:30pm   $192

Through the kriyas and mediations that you will practice during this session, you will awaken your control centres.

They will unfold your awareness, wherever you are on this cycle of life, and transform the infinite personality of the Divine into a practical, finite consciousness in you.

WEDNESDAYS 7 -8:30 pm  $192

“The immune system functions as a wise elder, guiding the body in the decisions of its collective structure, protecting, healing and moving stuff out”.

Through our Kundalini yoga and meditation practice, we will understand our immune system better. How it relates to other systems on the physical and the energetic plans. And best yet how to maintain and strengthen it.

As we move, we will become aware and familiar with plants, herbs, foods, recipes, massage and so much more. Oh, I forgot we will dance too! 

SUNDAYS 10-11:30 am   $225      IN STUDIO

Fear is an instinctive reaction that protects us from what our minds perceive as danger.

 The problem arises when the filters of the mind get entangles and confused between what is a potential danger and what is an imaginary projection based on past experiences.

 The key is to train the mind to evaluate fears, acknowledge them, then let them go. Another way to nurture and cultivate love within us. When fears arise, we turn to our practice, our tools, quieting the mind and tuning in to our inner self. And we build our resilience.


With the sacred sound current of the gong and Kundalini yoga.


 Take two classes per week and receive 30% off the total cost of both classes.   For example: 1 class on Tuesday at $128 + 1 class on Wednesday at $192 = $320 – 30% = $224 for the 2 sessions (32 classes en total – $7 per class)

 Take three classes per week and receive 40% discount on the total cost of the 3rd classes.   For example: 1 class on Tuesday at $128 + 1 class on Wednesday at $192 + Sunday class at $225 = $545 – 40% = $410 for the 3 sessions (47 classes in total – $9 per class)


 Payment by bank transfer to: D. M. Desrochers

 In humble service to you,

Meherbani Kaur

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