Walk with me…let’s do Breathwalk

Do you want to have the ability to shift your moods, release your stress, increase your energy and vitality so you can do the things that you love and at the same time feel deeply connected to yourself and all?

Here’s what you can do…Do Breathwalk!

Breathwalk is an Integrated Mind/Body Technique that develops attention, mood control along with aerobic benefits. The paced conscious breathing patterns create an emergent awareness state that integrates enhanced sensory acuity, autonomic balance and the relaxation response.

In other words it helps you to deal with the situations in your life with greater sense of resources, easy and integrity.

Let’s watch this video that gives you a glimpse of this is all about Introduction to breathwalk https://vimeo.com/574454915

Breathwalk is more than just walking. It has 5 ingredients: Awakeners – stretches to awaken the body and breath, Alignment for the body, mind and spirit, vitality – the heart of the practice steps, breath patterns with primal sounds and magic fingers, balance – more stretches to consolidate and finally integrate with the innerwalk – walking your breath through visualization.

Now you know what it is about, please watch next week how to practice it!

Teaching Breathwalk to student at Akal University, Punjab, India



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